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Keith Farrugia is a sound designer, producer & composer who records as Stimulus Timbre, Odyssey Music & Sound Synthesis. Runs Wave Function Records a vinyl label which is based in Malta and also co-runs Orbital Mechanics with Jimi Disko, a vinyl label based in Barcelona. He is also one of the founding members of Electronic Music Malta the first voluntary organisation in Malta to promote electronic music in all it's forms.




    Visions from the Future EP

 Orbital 108 EP






Acid Synthesis - Visions from the Future LP
Simulated Reality EP
AmenTec006 - Electrical Synapses EP
Uf0 vs Sound Synthesis
Schematics LP
Rhythm of Life EP
Orbital 106 EP
State of Being EP
Orbital 105 EP
Let the Music Flow
Orbital 104
Hum of Human Dreams LP
Welcome to My World EP
Motor Space Maps EP
Love Transients EP
Acid Synthesis - Acidwerk EP
Orbital 103
Orbital 102 EP
Electro Planet EP
Acid Synthesis
Access in my Heart EP
WF01 - Soul Signal Modulation
Beauty Within EP
Orbital Mechanics EP
Alternate Reality EP
Orbital Frequencies EP
Dream Factor EP
Memory Sequence EP
Orbital Frequencies EP
Untitled EP
Inside your Mind EP
CD version - Unfolding Cycles
Unfolding Cycles album
EDNM08 - Analog Soul EP
Circuits Live Performance.
Live - 30/11/2019
Stimulus Timbre - Live.
Sound Synthesis
Xjenza Eletronika EP
Unknown Pleasures EP
IC 4406 EP
Cygnus Loop VA
Nebulae Records VA
MOL Records VA for UNICEF
ST James Cavalier Theatre
aux4415 VA - mindcolormusic
VA release for UNICEF
Soul of the Droids EP
Sound Synthesis Logo
A Place we Never Been
Harmonic Discovery
Moog Grandmother
Stimulus Timbre - Euphoria
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